Class 'A' Chimney Install - Sample A

The old masonry chimney was removed down to the attic level and a new Class 'A' chimney was installed.  Complete with a new liner system.
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'A' Chimney Installed

Replacement of deteriorated heating flue and chimney.

Class 'A' Retro-fit from old masonry chimney.

Masonry chimney exited the roof here.

Removed the chimney down to attic level.

In the attic: where the old chimney stops.

Badly deteriorated lining in existing chimney.

Looking down from the roofline at the anchor plate for the new chimney attachment.

Roof anchor installation on the new Class 'A'.

Out with the old, in with the new...
Here's the finished Class 'A' chimney.

Lifetime Warrantee stainless steel liner system, which runs through the new chimney, down the old masonry flue and attaches at the furnace.

Firestop installed around the old chimney.

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