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How long should my dryer vent be?
Dryer vents over 25 feet in length can cause poor performance and lint build-up.  In addition, too many elbows can also cause problems.

Why does is my drying time longer than usual?
If your dryer takes twice as long to dry clothes, have the vent serviced.

Can I use vinyl or plastic to hook my dryer up to the vent?
No.  It must be made of metal.  The transition duct can be of the flexible variety as long as it is UL Listed for dryer vent use and the dryer manufacturer does not specifically prohibit the use of a flexible vent.

Can I run flexible vent inside the wall or ceiling?
No.  It must be rigid and should be fastened together with approved metal foil tape (not screws).

Can I exhaust the lint into my garage or attic?
No.  It must exhaust outside the home.

How long can my exhaust vent be?
25 feet is the maximum recommended length.

Why is there lint around my dryer?
Your exhaust duct may be blocked or clogged.  Make sure the combustible lint is cleaned up!

Should the exhaust duct be insulated?
Absolutely, if it runs through an unheated space.

 Can I push my dryer right up against the wall?
Generally, no.  You must leave some space to prevent crushing the transition duct or kinking the gas line.

Can I run my exhaust vent through a chimney?
No.  It is against the NFPA 211 standard


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