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Malfunctioning Heating System (1) Jackson, NJ

 Malfunctioning Heating System (1) Jackson, NJ


Malfunctioning Heating System (2) Jackson, NJ
Malfunctioning Heating System (2) Jackson, NJ


Carbon Monoxide Testing & Mitigation (cont.)

Recommendation checklist from the CDC
  • - Have your fireplace draft and the drafts of other fuel-burning appliances checked yearly by an expert.
  • - Have gas appliances checked yearly.
  • - Have your chimney inspected and cleaned each year.
  • - Never use your gas range to heat your home.
  • - Never burn charcoal indoors.
  • - Never use a portable gas camp stove or flameless chemical heater indoors.
  • - Never run your car or truck an an indoor garage attached to your home.
  • - Buy only appliances having the seal of a national testing agency such as the American Gas Association or the Underwriters Laboratory.
  • - When converting form one fuel to another always have the venting checked by an expert.

    Information below from the EPA

    "Blocked, leaking, or damaged chimneys or flues release harmful combustion gases and particles and even fatal concentrations of carbon monoxide. Strictly follow all service and maintenance procedures recommended by the manufacturer, including those that tell you how frequently to change your filter. If manufacturers instructions are not readily available, change filters once every month or two during periods of use. Proper maintenance is important even for new furnaces because they can also corrode and leak combustion gases including carbon monoxide. Read the booklet "What You Should know About Combustion Appliances and Indoor Air Pollution to learn more about combustion pollutants."

    The booklet is available by contacting CPSC, EPA's IAQ INFO Clearinghouse, or your local ALA.

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