Certified Craftsmen Chimney, Fireplace & Dryer Vent Cleaning, Service & Repair of NJ is a member of the CSIA, NSCG, CAI, NFPA and is C-DET certified.
CSIA (#4923), CDET Certified - NJ Reg 13VH00984000


Framing - Brick, NJ

Framing - Brick, NJ


Shake Replacement - Point Pleasant, NJ
Shake Replacement - Point Pleasant, NJ


Certified Craftsmen, Inc. handles restoration projects of many types including masonry, carpentry, pressure cleaning and refinishing.

Building a Chimney Chase in Long Branch, NJ Building a Chimney Chase - Long Branch, NJ


Our Carpentry restoration projects consist of wood replacement, cedar shake replacement, mantle construction, chimney chase rebuilds, rotted roof replacement and trim & vinyl replacement.  Generally, if the wood is damaged or rotted, Certified Craftsmen can handle the replacement.

Our Masonry projects consist of complete chimney tear-downs and rebuilds, grind & tuckpointing, crown-wash rebuilds, fireplace rebuilds & repairs, smoke chamber renovations and cultured stone installations, among others.

Before any refinishing or painting project can be considered, proper preparation and selection of proper materials is a must. The longevity of your paint or refinish job depends on it.

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