Certified Craftsmen Chimney, Fireplace & Dryer Vent Cleaning, Service & Repair of NJ is a member of the CSIA, NSCG, CAI, NFPA and is C-DET certified.
CSIA (#4923), CDET Certified - NJ Reg 13VH00984000


Rebuilt Chimney - , NJ

Rebuilt Chimney - Howell, NJ


Fallen Chimney - Asbury Park, NJ
Fallen Chimney - Asbury Park, NJ


Class A Install - Bayville, NJ
Class A Install - Bayville, NJ

Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds

Rebuilt Chimney - Brielle, NJ

Certified Craftsmen, Inc. rebuilds chimneys and fireplaces from top to bottom.  Most commonly we rebuild chimneys due to moisture / freeze damage, chimney fires, damage due to deteriorating liners and disintegration of mortar joints.  We also handle various repairs besides complete tear-downs, such as:


  • Tuckpointing
  • crown rebuilds and repairs
  • re-flashing
  • stucco
  • waterproofing
New Class A Installed - Asbury Park, NJ

Our masons are careful to protect your landscaping, roofing or any other areas of concern during the repair process.

Using the proper materials and techniques will lead to a long life for your chimney.  Twenty years of references backup our claims.

Please view our sample photos of rebuilt chimneys by Certified Craftsmen.

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