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 Creostote build-up - Howell, NJ


Squirrel stuck in boiler flue - Freehold, NJ
 Squirrel stuck in boiler flue - Freehold, NJ

Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning and Repair

Certified Craftsmen, Inc. cleans and repairs chimneys throughout Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties. All chimney cleanings come with a NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 211 Level One inspection (visit NFPA.org for more info). This is a basic maintenance inspection that should be done annually any cleaning. According to the NFPA and the CDC (Center for Disease Control - for more information visit CDC.gov) all chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year by a qualified expert.

Many times our company is called for an inspection when the homeowner actually notices a problem such as having a chimney fire, a leak, smoke coming in the house, structural failure, loose bricks/mortar etc..  When the customer waits until these problems arise, many times significant damage has already occurred.  With proper yearly maintenance and inspections many of these costly problems can be avoided.  All of our cleanings come with a NFPA 211 Level one inspection.  This is an important process that should take place in every home yearly.

    Our Cleaning Process

  • A cleaning process should include a basic NFPA 211 Level One visual inspection. Drop cloths should be laid down to protect furnishings, carpet and flooring. A high-powered chimney vacuum should be used with a special filtration system to control dust and soot. The chimney flue, smoke chamber, damper assembly and firebox should be thoroughly brushed and cleaned.

  • A general visual inspection of the inner hearth, refractory panels, firebrick, damper assembly, and smoke chamber should be completed. Evidence of a moisture leak, warping, cracking, chase top damage, liner damage, cap damage and other issues that affect proper operation of the fireplace should be looked for.

  • For a more thorough inspection, camera scan equipment should be employed to properly access the condition of the flue and smoke chamber. Obviously the camera scan inspection is more costly but also more thorough. The camera scan is typically not done with a maintenance cleaning, although it is always recommended.

Certified Craftsmen can handle any repair; from a minor repair, relining or leak repair to major repairs and whole fireplace & chimney rebuilds. For a complete detailed list of repairs visit our online repair center.

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